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International Certificate in TESOL |  Course Details

We offer International Standard TESOL Certifications which are delivered by qualified TESOL Trainers and Assessors from around the world.

Our training has been followed by a wide range of participants that include pre-service and in-service English Language Teachers who teach in Kindergartens, Primary Schools, Junior High Schools, Senior High Schools, Vocational Schools,  up to the Students and Lecturers of English Department at Universities, Colleges, and other Higher Education Institutions worldwide.

International TESOL | Portfolio

Our  TESOL Certification meets the international standard requirements with the following course elements:

1. Minimum 120 hours of training consisting of:

- 80 hours of face-to-face intensive training.

- 40 hours assessed online study.

2. Minimum 6 hours of Assessed Teaching Practice with real EFL/ESOL students.

3. Minimum 4 real-classroom Teaching Practice videos of 90 minutes each.

4. Minimum 4 sets of Portfolio consisting of TESOL Lesson Plan, materials, aids, tasks, and  feedback.

5. Feed back should be collected from oneself, peer, and senior fellow teachers.

International Certificate in TESOL | Units of Competency

International English TESOL Training and Certification is following the competency-based training and assessment. Our training is divided into two major sections:

1. Primary Level, completed face-to-face within 80 hours.

2. Enhanced Level, completed online within 40 hours in maximum 3 (three) months per period of assessment. If participant needs time for an extension of another 3-month assessment period, an extension fee of IDR 500,000 will be applied.

I. TESOL Units of Competency in the Primary Level

Prime Units (40 hours of face to face Training)

1. ELTENG0100101 Create a positive learning environment.

2. ELTENG0100201 Use Ice-breaking activities to prepare students for the Target Language.

3. ELTENG0100301 Assess learner's prior competency with regards to Target Language.

4. ELTENG0100401 Effectively deliver Target Language.

5. ELTENG0100501 Use the white-board effectively and manage content clearly.

6. ELTENG0100601 Effectively apply classroom management techniques for a variety of learner demographics.

7. ELTENG0100701 Conduct a Student-centered Controlled Practice activity.

8. ELTENG0100801 Conduct a Student-centered Semi-controlled Practice activity.

9. ELTENG0100901 Create a real-life simulation for Contextual Production.

10. ELTENG0101001 Facilitate an effective feed-back session concerning Process, Content and Context.

11. ELTENG0101101 Apply effective Error Correction techniques with varied levels of intervention at different stages.

12. ELTENG0101201 Create and implement an effective Lesson Plan. 

II. TESOL Units of Competency in the Enhanced Level

Enhanced Units (40 hours of Face to Face Training and 20 hours of Online Assessment and Feedback)

1. ELTENG0101301 Apply the Prime Units of Competency for teaching the 4 Macro Skills.

2. ELTENG0101401 Apply the Prime Units of Competency for teaching Vocabulary and Grammar.

3. ELTENG0101501 Use Information Communication Technology (ICT) effectively.

4. ELTENG0101601 Use Teaching Media effectively.

5. ELTENG0101701 Conduct summative progress assessments based on materials delivered.

6. ELTENG0101801 Employ a variety of teaching methodologies effectively.

7. ELTENG0101901 Cater to various learning styles.

8. ELTENG0102001 Perform action research through self- and peer-evaluation for personal professional development.

Note: The above Unit of Competency codes are following the Standard Competency-based Unit of Competency Coding System. Each candidate who is deemed to be competent will receive a Qualification and A Statement of Competency Achievement. 

©2004-2017 Copyright of Global Teachers and Trainers Academy. All rights reserved.

Advanced Certificate in TESOL |  Course Details

The course details of our Advanced Certificate in TESOL for Teacher Trainer, Assessor, and Course Director are as below:


1. Total course length : 250 hours (nominal)

2. Face-to-face course dates : 80 hours 

3. Assessment Tasks : 90 hours

4. TESOL Co-trainer Practice : 80 hours

5. Portfolio Submission : 1-3 months maximum

6. Assessment Tasks : 10 Assessment Tasks

Advanced TESOL | Units of Competency

1. ADCERT-TESOL-01 Assess profile of an effective teacher trainer. (5 hours)

2. ADCERT-TESOL-02 Plan and develop TESOL Teacher Training curriculum. (30 hours)

3. ADCERT-TESOL-03 Plan, develop, and deliver TESOL Teacher Training session. (30 hours)

4. ADCERT-TESOL-04 Assess TESOL teacher competence. (25 hours)

5. ADCERT-TESOL-05 Plan a TESOL Teacher Training course assessment session. (25 hours)

6. ADCERT-TESOL-06 Design and develop TESOL assessment tools. (30 hours)

7. ADCERT-TESOL-07 Conduct a TESOL Teacher Training course assessment. (30 hours)

8. ADCERT-TESOL-08 Participate in a TESOL Assessment validation session. (25 hours)

9. ADCERT-TESOL-09 Provide constructive feed-back. (25 hours)

10. ADCERT-TESOL-10 Facilitate an improvement plan session. (25 hours)

Advanced TESOL | Portfolio

Portfolio to be submitted :

1. 120 hour Teacher Training Curriculum.

2. 120 hour Teacher Training Syllabus.

3. 120 hour Teacher Training Session Plan.

4. 6 hours of Teaching Practice Portfolio Assessment.

5. 40 hours (nominal of 20 sessions) of TESOL Co-training Video.

Note: The above Unit of Competency codes are following the Standard Competency-based Unit of Competency Coding System. Each candidate who is deemed to be competent will receive a Qualification and A Statement of Competency Achievement.

©2004-2017 Copyright of Global Teachers and Trainers Academy. All rights reserved.


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