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Training, Assessment, Validation, and Certification Process

Our International Cert. TESOL has been carefully designed to be beneficial for all teachers of English at any stage of their career.

For new teachers, it is the perfect way to prepare for your first teaching job. We welcome participants with little or no teaching experience to join the program, where they will learn all of the necessary theory and methodology to be a classroom teacher as well as developing their own creativity, confidence and attitude along the way.

For experienced teachers, the programs provides great opportunities to share what you have already learned through prior training and experience as well as receiving further development, both through the course materials and through forum-style discussion with the other participants. The International Cert. TESOL is a dynamic program and so is a great way to keep up to date with academic and practical developments in the the teaching world and maintain a high level of competency.

The training has also proven popular with teachers holding Academic degrees such as BA and MA in English as it adds a practical element to the formal learning that they have received previously.
As well as the personal development that you will get from the training in the shape of knowledge, skill and ideas, the International Cert. TESOL also offers great opportunities in your teaching career as it is a requirement for teaching English to speakers of other languages in most parts of the world.

The program includes:

1) 80 hours face-to-face training with peer-teaching.
This is the practical input portion of the program. Participants are introduced to a variety of teaching methodologies and learn about learner psychology, language acquisition and other such theory. Participants are expected to contribute to discussions about these topics and there are plenty of opportunities to practice the methods in peer-teaching sessions. The face-to-face training is very active and is designed to prepare even new teachers for their first classroom experience.

2) 40 hours Assessment Tasks.
After the training is finished, participants are expected to complete a number of independent learning tasks (mentored and assessed online or via email) to demonstrate the knowledge that they have acquired during the face-to-face sessions. There are various tasks include long and short answer questions, lesson planning exercises and language awareness units. Satisfactory completion of these tasks is part of the competency assessment and is necessary for qualification.

3) 6 hours practical classroom assessment.
The International Cert. TESOL is a competency-based qualification, meaning that graduation is not automatic after the training is complete. Before we grant qualification, it is necessary to see that participants are competent and ready to go on and be effective teachers of English to speakers of other languages. Therefore, we require a minimum of 6 hours practical classroom application for assessment. This is usually recorded and submitted as video files.

4) Internationally accredited TESOL qualification.
Once the above stages have all been deemed complete by our trainers/mentors and assessors, you will receive your internationally recognized Cert. TESOL, proof that you are a fully qualified and competent teacher as required by language institutions all around the world.

5) Personalized reference letter for job applications.
Along with your certificate of qualification, you will receive detailed assessment reports and a letter from your personal trainer/mentor endorsing your status as a competent teacher of English to speakers of other languages.

6) Training materials and textbook.
All course materials are included in the original registration fee.

For more information on the above qualification,kindly contact our Global Admission Team | Email [email protected]

In-house Group and Institutional ESOL/TESOL/MATESOL  Courses all over the world BOTH ONSITE AND ONLINE ARE AVAILABLE!

Train with your colleagues at your own school, institute or other venue of your choice.

At GAIN IETTI GLOBAL, we try to make our courses as accessible and convenient as possible. However, if our regular courses aren't quite what you're looking for or if the schedule or venues are not convenient, you can arrange a group or institutional course with us. These are primarily for principals and academic or HR managers who want their teachers to all be qualified to the same standards or for people who want to study with friends and colleagues or at a time and place that best suits them.

It is the best way to get high quality professional development to come to you!

Group courses can be arranged to be held anywhere and at any time - as long as we have trainers available. You can either choose to take a full qualification course, like our International Cert.TESOL or one of our short courses, which we can tailor to your needs and the needs of your institution. These short courses can also be used as a stepping stone if you later decide to get qualified.

You don't have to be an institution to host a group course!

Group courses are also perfect if you want to arrange a course on your own time with friends or colleagues even if you are not yet teaching. As long as you can put together a large enough group and recommend a suitable venue then we can bring our courses to you.

Whether you're a principal, a teacher or looking to start your career, if you're interested in hosting an International English training course at your institute or in your area, contact us for more information.

For more information on the above qualification, kindly contact our Global Admission Team | Email [email protected]

Global Advanced TESOL and Higher Qualifications PROGRESSION

Our Institute also provides online and onsite Advanced and Higher Qualifications in TEFL, TESOL, Training, and Assessment in partnership with our global Partners in Australia, USA, and the UK.

The Advanced and Higher Qualifications are:

  1. Certificate IV in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Cert III TESOL), Australia
  2. Certificate IV in Training and Assessment/Education (Cert IV TAA/TAE), Australia
  3. Advanced Certificate in TEFL, (Adv.Cert.TEFL), United Kingdom (UK)
  4. Diploma in TESOL, (Dip.TEFL), United Kingdom (UK)
  5. Award in Education and Training, United Kingdom (UK)
  6. Certificate in Education and Training, United Kingdom (UK)
  7.  Diploma in Education and Training, United Kingdom (UK)

For more information on the above qualification, kindly contact our Global ESOL/TESOL Admission Team | Email [email protected]

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