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Enroll in one of our TESOL courses in 2017, get Full Scholarship (valued US$850) to enroll into our Certificate in Professional English Course Management Training (PECMT) Program for you to start your own English Language School!

Great news for you who want to enroll in our TESOL Course in 2017. If you enroll in this year, you will be eligible to get our US$850 scholarship to join our Professional Education and Course Management Training (PECMT) Certification in Jakarta.

PECMT is a certification for those who want to start their own Private English Language School.

This Certification training is held for 5 days in Jakarta.You will be trained on how to:

1. set up a Private English School (legal aspects)
2. Develop your course materials
3. Recruit your teaching staff
4. Manage your academic administration
5. Market your course and training product
6. Deal a training project
7. Estimate your yearly cash flow
8. Develop your branch offices nationally.
9. Develop your international education links.

10. Create your own website.

So, Get TESOL and PECMT Certified and Start your OWN English School right away!:-)

For more information on the above qualification,kindly contact Global TESOL Admission Team | Email [email protected]


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