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Board of Global Academic Advisors, Councils, and Executives

The Global Academy | International Networkis lead by leading international professors, authors, educators, trainers, and teachers who are in-service practitioners in the field, highly regarded,globally recognized in the education and training field. All of board members have earned many years of global experience in developing high quality education and training programs.

If you would like to learn more about our global board members, kindly send an email to [email protected] We will send you our detailed company profile and prospectus to learn more about our global education and training programs.

Our Trainees and Graduates

Some of our trainees who have joined our TEFL/TESL/TESOL Training programs vary from individuals, Kindergartens, Elementary schools, Junior and Senior High Schools, and Higher Educations.

Our worldwide trainees are individuals from:

Algiers, Batna, Constantine,(Algeria), Bali and other cities around Indonesiai (Indonesia), Chile (South America), Kosice (Slovakia), Casablanca/Rabat (Morocco), Bangkok (Thailand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Manila (Philippines), New South Wales (Australia), Perth (Western Australia), Brisbane (Australia), Yamba (Australia), Singapore (Singapore), New York (United States of America), Maryland (America), Moscow (Russia), Marseille (France), Swiss (Switzerland), Kiev (Ukraine), Uzbek (Uzbekistan), New Delhi (India),  Scotland, London (UK), Amsterdam (Netherland), Seoul (Korea), Tianmen (China), Ghana (Africa) and more are coming... 

Our nation-wide Indonesian Trainees are from wide range of education levels:

Playgroup/Kindergarten/Taman Kanak-Kanak (TK)
TK Citra Kasih (Ciputra) West Jakarta, TK Islam Al Azhar Cibinong Bogor-West Java, TK Pertiwi Bogor, TK BPK Penabur Kota  Sukabumi, Ikatan Guru Taman Kanak-kanak Indonesia (IGTKI) Kota dan Kabupaten Sukabumi,  Ikatan Guru Raudhatul Athfal (IGRA) Kota Sukabumi, TK Islam Diniyyah Putri Padang Panjang - Sumatera West Sumatera, TK Kristen Immanuel Pontianak-West Kalimantan, and many more.

Elementary Schools/ Sekolah Dasar (SD)
SD Islam Al Azhar Kemandoran Jakarta, SD Islam Al Azhar Kota Sukabumi, SDN Tanah Abang III Jakarta,  SDN Jakarta, SDN CBM Dewi Sartika Sukabumi, SDK BPK Penabur Kota Sukabumi-West Java, SD Mardi Yuana Bogor, SD Kesatuan Bogor, SD Tunas Harapan Bogor, SDN in West Sumatera, MI Ar Raudhatul Hasanah Medan-North Sumatera, SD Kristen Immanuel Pontianak West Kalimantan, and many more.

Junior High Schools/Sekolah Menengah Pertama (SMP)
SMPN 1 RSBI Jakarta, SMPN 216 RSBI Jakarta, SMPN 11 RSBI, Jakarta, SMPN 115 RSBI Jakarta, , SMPN 68 RSBI Jakarta, SMPN 49 RSBI Jakarta, SMPN 19 RSBI Jakarta,SMPN 255 RSBI Jakarta,  SMPN 45 RBSI Jakarta, SMPN 111 RSBI Jakarta, SMP Islam Al Azhar Kelapa Gading- North Jakarta, SMP Islam Al Azhar Kota Sukabumi-West Java, SMP Islam Muhammadiyah Kota Sukabumi, SMPK BPK Penabur Kota Sukabumi and Cianjur, SMP Islam Assyafi'iyah Sukabumi, SMPN 1 Cisaat, SMPN 2 Kota Sukabumi, SMP Dinniyah Putri Padang Panjang-West Sumatera, SMP Immanuel Pontianak-West KAlimantan, MTs Diniyah Putri Padang Panjang-West Sumatera, MTs Ar-raudhatul Hasanah Medan-North Sumatera, and many more.

Senior/Vocational High Schools (SMA/SMK)
SMAN 68 RSBI Jakarta, SMAN 3 RSBI Jakarta, SMAN 8 RBSI Jakarta, SMAN 81 RSBI Jakarta,SMAN 21 RSBI Jakarta,SMAN 61 RSBI Jakarta, SMAN 13 RSBI Jakarta, SMAN 29 RSBI Jakarta, SMAN 70 RBSI Jakarta, SMKN 27 SBI INVEST Jakarta, SMKN 8 RSBI Jakarta, SMKN 20 RSBI Jakarta, SMKN 57 RSBI Jakarta, SMA YADIKA Jakarta, SMKN 32 Jakarta, SMA Pesantren Terpadu Hayyatan Thoyyibah Kota Sukabumi-West Java, SMA Islam Assyfi'iyah Sukabumi, SMAK Kristen BPK Penabur Kota Sukabumi, MA Al Masthuriyyah Sukabumi, SMK 1/3 Kota Sukabumi, SMA Dinniyah Putri Padang Panjang_West Sumatera, SMA Immanuel- West Kalimantan, MA Ar-raudhatul Hasanah Medan, North Kalimantan,  and many more.

Higher Education/Universities/Polytechnic/Perguruan Tinggi

Universitas Indonesia (UI), STIKOM London School of Public Relations (STIKOM LSPR), STMIK/STIE MH Thamrin Jakarta, Politeknik LP3I Jakarta, STBA Technocrat-Tangerang, STMIK Antar Bangsa Ciledug-Tangerang, Politeknik Negeri Pontianak (POLNEP) Kalimantan Barat, STAI Diniyyah Putri Padang PAnjang-Sumatera Barat,  Universitas Negeri Padang (UNP)- Sumatera Barat, Universitas Bung Hatta Padang-Sumatera Barat,STAI Al Masthuriyyah Sukabumi,  and many more.


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