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IETTI TESOL Admission Office and Authorized Training Centers


APL Tower Central Park

Jl. S. Parman Kav. 28, Podomoro City

Jakarta 11470, Indonesia

Note: To make an appointment with our Global Admin Team, please send your complete name and contact number via email to [email protected] Our Global Team will get back to you shortly to help you with your inquiries.

Becoming Our Authorized Partner

Should you be interested in becoming our Authorized Partner Directors, kindly contact our Business Development Team via email to [email protected] We will send you the detailed proposal of our partnership forms.

Kindly find below the general scheme of our partnerships:

  1. Country Director (CD), as our Exclusive National Partner and Management Partner in one country. CD's role is to open our Regional Offices around the country.
  2. Regional Director (RD), as our Regional Partner at the Provincial/State Level. RD's role is to open Agency Offices, Marketing Offices, Training Centers, and Associate Partners throught the State or Province.
  3. Agency Director (AD), as our Marketing and Training Center Partner at the City/Regency Level. AD's role is to sell, manage, and conduct our training programs in the city/regency.
  4. Marketing Director (MD), as our Marketing Partner at City/Regency Level. MD's role is to sell our training programs only in the city in coordination with The Agency Director or Regency Director.
  5. Training Center Director (TCD), as our Training Center Partner at City/Regency Level. TCD's role is to provide training venue and facilities in coordination with Agency Director in the city/regency.
  6. Associate Director (ASD), as our Associate Partner at City/Regency Level. ASD's role is to sell our training programs in coordination with the Agency Director in the city/regency.


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