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Welcome to the new life adventures -- Learning, Teaching, Training, and Traveling! :-) 

Global Teachers and Trainers Academy is the global division of The Global Academy | International Network. We are a globally operating teacher training organization which  collaborates with our world-class TEFL and TESOL education and training partners in Asia, Australia, USA, and the United Kingdom (UK). 

With Our TESOL Course, the English teachers not only get a certificate that's endorsed internationally by recognized organizations, but they also get world-class teacher-trainers from different parts of the world. Together our qualified Trainers will provide you with a truly international perspective that prepares you to teach anywhere in the world. Plus, the course takes place in the beautiful and vibrant cities where you can enjoy a truly international and easily affordable experience.

Our program can also be effectively modified or customized to meet the needs of the in-service English Language teachers amongst the ASEAN countries as well as for the global participants from other continents so they can improve the Knowledge, Skills, and Workplace Attitude (competency) in the workplace. 

Our International TESOL training course gives you a solid grounding in current TESOL teaching practices, a chance to do some observed practice teaching, and qualifies you for an entry level English teaching job anywhere in the world. Because our courses are certified by globally recognized institutes, candidates who successfully complete our Certificate Program can rest assured that their TESOL Certificate has real value. 

For further advise, kindly email [email protected] and our Global TESOL Admission Team will get back to you shortly.

We are proud to announce that our IELT-QF Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Mastering the Arts of TESOL (Adv.Cert.MATESOL) is now globally collaborated as a twinning program with QCF/RQF Level 5 Certificate and Level 7 Diploma in Education and Training (DET) from United Kingdom (UK) which will allow our Graduates to gain UK Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and work as a Teacher throughout United Kingdom!

The Advanced Certificate for TESOL Trainer and Assessor (Adv.Cert TESOL) is a higher qualification (Level V) in International English Language Teaching Qualification Framework (IELT-QF) that prepares the participant to become a Competent and Qualified English Teacher Trainer and Assessor. This qualification mirrors the Accredited Qualification in Training and Assessment and is held as a Dual Certification Program with the Certificate IV in Training and Education (Cert. IV TAE 40116) which is accredited and nationally recognized within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF).

Should you be interested in registering for the Adv.Cert.TESOL, please contact our TESOL Admissions Team at via email at [email protected]

Officially partner with DNA Kingston Training Australia to offer Dual Advanced  Certification in Mastering the Arts of TESOL for Trainer and Assessor

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